by J Daniel Cabanilles


In this page you can find some patches and embroidered insignia, these insignia are special made items, some are different from the distinctive insignia of the unit. Some of them were made only in very few exemplars.


First row , from left to right: 18th Honor Guard Inf. (tab) - 18th Ranger Inf. (tab) - 1/18th Inf. Swamp Rats (pp) only approved for local wear Jan. 2, 1964- April 8, 1970.



Second row , from left to right: 1st Avn Regt (pp) worn from 1993 -1994 - 1st Inf. Div. Avn Co (pp) - D/1st Div. Avn Pl.(pp) - 1st Inf. . Div. Avn Sect.(pp)


Third row , from left to right: 1st Div. Art. (pp)- 1st Div. Sport - 1st Inf. Div. Desert Storm (pp or SSI ?) worn from August 1990 - Feb.28,1991


Fourth row, from left to right: 2d Inf. Brigade (pp) worn from May 29, 1958-1962( worn before from 08/04/44 to 05/28/1958 as 2d Inf. Bde AB)- Nuremberg District (SSI) worn in the late '40s (unauthorized).)


Fifth row ,from left to right: 6/32d Art. (pp)- 1st Avn Co (pp)- 82d Eng (pp)



pp: pocket patch. S.S.I: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia


Any information about these insignia or others not present in this page is welcomed, you can send this information by e-mail or by mail to our association, which will forward it to the author of this page.



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