Souvenir from France.

We are in the fall 1944 in France, more exactly in Fontainebleau. Near this town, a new kind of "Military School" has been opened for the Officers commissioned in the battlefield. It offers them an intensive training to learn their officers' job. After the "course" our officer will come out with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

A few months later, our war correspondant is following one of the new commissioned officers, 2nd Lieutenant Daniel C... from New York City, NY. He is a member of the famous Big Red One and assigned to C Company, 26th Infantry. Just before returning to the combat zone, since he still has a few hours of freedom, he is taking the opportunity of visiting the Castle of Fontainebleau, with Major Ralph R..., from Freeborn, MN, who he met a little time before the reduction of the Mons Gap in September 1944, when Major R... was still assigned to the 3rd Armored Division. The Major is now the Medical Officer in charge in this school.

After two hours under this gloomy weather, it is time for our two officers to leave each other and join their respective quarters.

This reenactment was realized to make a change from the usual reenactments of the frontline's life, but also to show that with little equipment and a really good background it is possible to do some good pictures, even if you have to get your feet wet.

This reenactment was realized by two members of the Big Red One from the Paris area, with the help of a voluntary photographer, who we would like to thank again for his patience and a well-done job.

©Big Red One Commemorative Unit/ IdF - 1998

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