We are in April 1945, in the Harz Mountains, Germany. These are the last days of the war and the 1st Medical Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division is in action during these fights. Most of the time the medics didn't care about their own lives while they were doing their duty. This small reenactment was organized to pay tribute to them.

Medical Dept. Reenactment

A few meters away, fierce combats are taking place. Our "Medics" attached to the C Co., 26th Inf. are going to several infantrymen comrades' help, wounded during a brief action. Giving the first-aid treatment, determining the kind of wounds and their importance to decide whether the evacuation to the rear had priority or not, were the medics' daily job.

From the first floor, a rasping voice is calling "...Medic.", one of our two medics starts running to help him. No time to lose, it is necessary to take him under cover to come to his help. With his courage our medic has just made another "miracle". Then comes the time when everything becomes calm. The war is over, but memories are still here, and friendships forged by four tough years will forever remain. Who knows, our medic may be awarded a medal in recognition of his bravery.

(c) Big Red One Commemorative Unit IdF - 1998

Realized near Paris, by two members of the B.R.O Commemorative Unit. We would like to thank our Photographer for a well done job and the time he was kind enough to grant us.

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