T    TEAMWORK is the foundation of the Big Red One. I shall never fail my team for I maintain the standard. My conduct and self-discipline sets the example for others to follow.

H   HONOR is what I stand for- - an American soldier on duty for my country. My loyalty is Intense. I display care for my fellow soldiers an my chain of command through courage, respect, integrity, and compassion.

E    I have learned to ENDURE, to thrive in adversity. The harsh reality of combat gives me the enthusiasm for realistic training. I am physically and mentally strong to meet the demanding situations my unit encounters.

B    We are one in the Big Red One. Our BROTHERHOOD gives us the strength to fight on to any objective and accomplish the mission as our veterans have done before us. I live the legacy of my division.

R    READINESS is my priority. To be ready for any mission, anytime, anywhere. My business is first class training and living high standards of care and equipment, weaponry, and tactical and technical competence.

O    My ORGANIZATION is my strength. The BRO is bigger than any one in individual. It gives me purpose, self-confidence, competitive spirit, intestinal fortitude, and the desire to fight with all my heart.